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School Uniform

School uniform requirements for our school.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School requires that children wear school uniform. The agreed school wear reflects the school’s aims and ethos as a place of learning. It is smart and sensible for everyday wear and presents a good image of the pupils and their school when they are on public display. Our uniform code has been devised by the governors of the school to be a smart, common-sense choice which is good value for money for parents and meets health and safety requirements.

St Joseph’s Uniform is sold at no profit to school from Salto Ltd and Emblematic Ltd. Plain red jumpers, white polo shirts and white t-shirts can be purchased from any supermarket. We have lots of free second-hand or almost new items in school available for families to choose from. Please email the school office with a request for items and sizes. Please note that this does not mean that pupils can wear sports trainers , jumpers or t-shirts with sports logo’s such as Nike or Adidas. This change is to allow unbranded items and not a license for designer sportswear.

All pupils are required to wear a uniform, including plain polishable shoes, own one branded PE t-shirt and one branded red jumper – to wear out on school trips. Our uniform policy allows for summer and winter uniform, however no pupil will be discriminated against for wearing either uniform at any time. The uniform list details all the options available – but red unbranded jumpers and white unbranded polo shirts and white unbranded PE t-shirts are all permitted, except for where pupils are out on school trips, then a branded jumper and/or T-shirt is required

Uniform can be purchased from our providers Emblematic Ltd, Unit 26, North Tyne Industrial Estate, Longbenton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 9SZ, and Salto UK, Unit 3D, Princess Court, Princess Way, Prudhoe NE42 6PL St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School ( Alternatively, Gateshead West Pre-Loved Uniform Scheme, which collects donations of out-grown uniform and provides them to other families for a small donation of whatever they can afford. They have regular markets at Ryton Scout Hut, Barmoor NE40 3AU on the Second Saturday 10-11.30 am and last Monday 6:00 – 7:00 pm monthly.


  • Red Sweatshirt
  • White buttoned polo shirt
  • Junior Flat Front grey Trouser (these can be purchased from most supermarkets)
  • Plain grey socks must be worn with trousers
  • Grey shorts (summer uniform)
  • Smart plain black shoes (these must be polishable shoes, not black trainers or sandshoes and with no logos or stripes)


  • Red Sweatshirt or Cardigan
  • White Polo top
  • grey skirt or trousers
  • Plain, black, low-heeled, polishable shoes
  • Red, grey or black tights or plain white socks. Sensible, short white frilly socks can be worn in the summer months only.
  • Summer dress (red and white check)
  • Low heeled smart plain black shoes (these must be polishable shoes, not black trainers/boots/sandshoes and with no logos or stripes)

PE Kit

  • White school PE T-shirt
  • White PE socks
  • Black Shorts
  • Plimsolls (indoor) and Trainers (outdoor)
  • Red Hoodie or red sweatshirt or red cardigan and plain black jogging bottoms (for outside PE and Clubs)
  • Drawstring PE Bag


Jewellery, including earrings, should not be worn in school for Health and Safety reasons.  Wristwatches may be worn at school, but it is recommended that they are inexpensive and easily removed for PE, as the school cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage.  Pupils unfortunately, for health and safety reasons, cannot take part in PE with ear studs in. If children have recent piercings, acrylic replacement studs are deemed safe and can be purchased from Amazon or we have some spares in the school office.  Alternatively for recent piercings, plasters are acceptable, but it is the parent’s responsibility to put these on before coming to school.

Hairstyles and Haircuts

Hairstyles and haircuts which are deemed to be extreme such as, tramlines, patterns, indentations shaved or sculptured, dyed hair as well as with skinhead and Mohican cuts are not permitted.  Hair that is shaven at the back and sides and long on the top is also considered to be an extreme hairstyle.

Large hair accessories, such as oversized bows, are also not permitted.  

Hair styles with a cultural/religion identity will not be discriminated against.

Mobiles and Smartwatches

Children are not allowed to keep their mobile phones or smartwatches in school.  We understand that some children have these for safety reasons when they are going to and from school, but for many reasons such as distractions in class and other pupils’ privacy as they may be used to take photographs, these must be handed to the class teacher at the start of the school day and collected at home time.

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Updated | 19th October, 2023 |

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